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At Atlas Home Safety, we are dedicated to improving your home’s accessibility with our top-quality ramps. Based in Michigan, we focus on enhancing the safety and functionality of your living spaces, making sure your home remains a haven of comfort and accessibility for everyone.

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Do You Need a Ramp?

You might need a personal or home ramp for several reasons, but the main ones are to improve accessibility and mobility, and to make your life both easier and safer. Here are the common reasons why you should look into getting a ramp:

  • Mobility Support: Ramps are essential for individuals using wheelchairs, scooters, or other mobility aids, facilitating easy access to buildings and vehicles.
  • Aging Comfortably: Ramps aid those experiencing reduced mobility, balance issues, or decreased strength due to aging, making home entrances safer and more manageable.
  • Injury Recovery: For those recovering from injuries like leg fractures, ramps provide a safer alternative to stairs, helping avoid further strain.
  • Heavy Lifting: Ramps simplify the transportation of bulky or heavy items into and out of buildings, reducing physical exertion and the risk of accidents.

Safety Is Our Specialty

Contact us to learn more about how we can help improve your home! 

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Our Guarantees

When you partner with us, you can have peace of mind knowing your project is backed by 6 exceptional guarantees.

Explore Our Ramp Solutions

At Atlas Home Safety, we truly believe in helping our neighbors and community with home safety solutions. Because of this, we offer multiple ramp options to fit your specific needs.

Modular Ramps

Atlas Home Safety’s modular ramps offer a permanent, customizable solution to enhance the accessibility of your home. Designed to integrate flawlessly with your home’s aesthetics, these ramps are available in various designs, from simple straight ramps to complex configurations suitable for multi-level access.

Built with durability and safety in mind, our modular ramps feature anti-slip surfaces, continuous handrails, and are constructed from weather-resistant materials to ensure year-round functionality.

Portable Ramps

Discover the convenience of our portable ramps, crafted from lightweight aluminum for effortless transport and setup. Ideal for temporary or mobile accessibility needs, these ramps are perfect for use with vehicles, temporary residences, or various home entry points. 

Durable and capable of supporting significant weight, our portable ramps are available in multiple lengths and widths, ensuring that you can maintain accessibility wherever you go.

Threshold Ramps

Our threshold ramps are designed to facilitate a smooth transition over doorways, sliding doors, and small steps, enhancing safety and mobility throughout your home. Compact and unobtrusive, these ramps are made from high-quality rubber or aluminum, offering excellent durability and slip resistance. 

Easy to install and adjustable to accommodate various height differences, threshold ramps are an ideal solution for homes needing minor modifications for better accessibility.

Ramp Rentals

For those needing a temporary mobility solution or wishing to test out a ramp before purchasing, our ramp rental service is a practical and cost-effective option. We offer a selection of ramps for rent, each maintained to the highest standards of safety and reliability. 

Whether you’re accommodating a temporary rehabilitation need, a special event, or are in the process of making longer-term home modifications, our rental service provides the flexibility and accessibility you require without a large upfront investment.

Customer Reviews

Excellent work, professional, and very good with communication. Working with Brian H. with the planning stages was great, no pressure, and very accommodating with our schedules. Installation day for the wet side was done in two days. James O. was our main demo and installer and Joey G. came the second day to help finish. They were courteous to me and the family and also respectful of the house and property. The Costco promotions were a good incentive, but the lifetime warranty on the work is the real deal. We can't wait until phase two!

Ken B


We are very impressed with our new shower. Desmond B. and Dan S. were prompt, professional, and did the job very well. We would definitely use them again if we have another project that needs doing.



WOW! Their expertise and attention to detail gave us a beautiful shower stall! Director Ela, her assistant Jessica, Quality expert, Dave Ford and his crew offered superior expertise and knowledge of what we needed for someone with Parkinson's. I would recommend Atlas Home Safety to anyone, especially with special needs. thank you for making our daily lives so much safer!!

Mary N


Altas sent the A+ team to install the shower at our home. Chad and Mike were professional and extremely nice. We got the gorgeous results in the photo below in only 2 days.

Andrea L


We had a walk in tub installed, James and Addison were perfect!! Kathy kept me updated on this home improvement and she was wonderful

Amy Marie T


We had our old bathtub removed and a Jacuzzi shower installed. BEAUTIFUL!!! Harris was our installer. He was extremely professional and very pleasant. He did a beautiful job!

Pamela W


Dave did an excellent job installing my stair chair lift. He was very concise and understandable in describing how it worked and how I should run it. He left my place with no waste and nothing to clean up. I would highly recommend him and his company.

Maude B


We had a tub converted to a shower recently. The finished product is excellent! Atlas stands behind their work. Customer service is excellent and every employee we worked with is courteous and professional. A special shoutout to Dave F. and Ela P. Thank you! 

Greg B


Had a stairlift installed by Dave F from Atlas Home Improvement. The installer was not only precise during the installation but very knowledgeable about the stairlift. After installation was complete, Mr. F gave a tutorial and then checked to see if we comprehended the facts. Love the lift that spans 14 steep steps and it eliminates me falling. A job well done, that you Dave F and Atlas Home Safety. Atlas is also seeking certification from the VA so that they can help other Veterans.

Buzz S


Had my step in tub installed by James and Juston. Both men did an absolutely fantastic job, very friendly and professional too. They answered all my questions and I can't be happier about my tub that I needed badly since I am elderly and this has been a big relief. I definitely recommend this company and these two gentlemen. Great job, James and Justin 

Patrick P + Karen R


We were very pleased with the job. Chad and Doug were our installers and they did an awesome job from start to finish. They made sure everything was clean and tidy after the install of my father’s walk-in tub that he loves so much. We highly recommend Atlas Home Improvement for your home improvement needs and Chad and Doug for any installation jobs you have. Thanks Guys!

Clora G


I had a walk in shower installation completed on Tuesday, 9/14/21. My installer Joey was professional, as quiet as possible, did a wonderful job and left my place completely cleaned at the end of the job. I am very happy with the product and would recommend Atlas Home Safety to anyone looking for a walk in shower. 

Virgina M


We can't recommend Atlas enough. Everything was done well and in a timely manner. Justin and Doug did a wonderful job on the tub to shower conversion despite a cast iron tub removal and old plumbing. 

Sarah L


Atlas Home Safety installed a Hammer Helix stair lift in our home. We are impressed on the very professional job they did. From the salesman to the installer everything was handled in a very professional way. Our installer, Dave F, went beyond the norm and made sure the stair lift was installed properly for my wife. 

Edward R


Work was done quickly and very neatly. It has been a great improvement for my wife getting upstairs or to the basement. We are very pleased with the project and it's cost. 

Charles H


Purchased two (2) Stair Lift and I'm greatly satisfied with the workmanship and the installation by Mr. Dave F (Atlas Installer)

Pastor Charles W


Chris M and Justin H provided high quality service installing our new Jacuzzi bathroom shower. Very impressed with their professionalism, timeliness, and top notch job! I highly recommend Atlas! 

Alicia G


Had a stair lift installed today by Dave F from Atlas. Dave was a respectful, caring, thorough professional. Five stars for Dave and Atlas! 

Sandy D


We requested a consult a Navigator stair lift from Atlas Home Safety and were so impressed by their honesty and clarity that we contracted to have it done. Two weeks to the day we were told it would be scheduled they called and we were very fortunate to have Dave F as our installer. The work was done by him promptly and neatly and pleasantly. We love our new stair lift. I was pleased to read reviews that praise other home improvements just as much. They receive 5-Stars from us! 

Andrea LE


Great team and service! Every step was explained to us so we knew the whole process. Appreciated the time to explain care and upkeep as well! Beautiful job and the man who installed our awesome shower (Doug D) was super friendly! We felt comfortable with him in our home doing this project and highly recommend him!

Heather B


Wheelchair Ramp Installation

At Atlas Home Safety, we understand that the proper installation of a wheelchair ramp is as crucial as the ramp itself. Our professional installation services ensure that your ramp is safe, functional, and perfectly suited to your home’s layout and your specific mobility needs.

  • Consultation and Customization: Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation to assess your home and discuss your requirements. We take the time to understand the challenges you face and the goals you wish to achieve, ensuring that the ramp design and materials we propose will serve your needs effectively.
  • Installation by Experts: Our team of skilled installers handles every aspect of the installation process, from preparing the site to constructing the ramp. We focus on secure installations that incorporate features like non-slip surfaces, adequate landing areas, and handrails where necessary.
  • Safety Checks and Final Adjustments: Once the ramp is installed, we conduct thorough safety checks to ensure everything is in perfect working order. We make any necessary adjustments to guarantee that the ramp provides maximum safety and usability.

With Atlas Home Safety, you can trust that your wheelchair ramp installation will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care, tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

couple aging in place with safety equipment

Why Choose Atlas Home Safety?

At Atlas Home Safety, we stand behind our products and services with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our professional installation and personalized service ensure that your ramp solutions not only meet your accessibility needs but exceed your expectations.

Schedule Your Ramp Consultation

Let’s make your home safer and more accessible. Contact us today to arrange an in-home consultation. Our team will assess your needs and recommend the best safety solutions specifically for you.

To learn more or request a free quote, call 844-660-SAFE or contact us online. Join the many families and individuals who have trusted Atlas Home Safety to enhance the comfort and accessibility of their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal and Home Ramps

Q. What factors should I consider when choosing a ramp for my home?

A. When selecting a ramp, consider the intended use, the height of the elevation, space availability, and the mobility device being used (e.g., wheelchair, walker). It’s also important to think about whether a permanent or portable ramp would best suit your needs.

Q. How do I know what length of ramp is necessary?

A. The length of the ramp you need depends on the rise (height) you need to overcome. The general rule of thumb for safety and ease of use is a 1:12 slope ratio, meaning every inch of vertical rise requires at least one foot of ramp (12 inches). This ratio can ensure a gentle incline and safe use.

Q. Are ramps customizable to fit the aesthetics of my home?

A. Yes, our ramps are highly customizable. Modular ramps, in particular, can be designed to blend with your home’s architecture and style preferences. Options include various materials and colors to complement your home’s exterior.

Q. What maintenance is required for home ramps?

A. Maintenance for home ramps typically includes regular cleaning to remove debris and ensure the surface remains slip-resistant. Periodic checks for structural integrity, especially for modular and permanent ramps, are recommended.

Q. Can ramps be rented for short-term use?

A. Absolutely! We offer ramp rentals for short-term needs, such as rehabilitation periods, special events, or while making long-term decisions about home modifications. Renting a ramp is a flexible and economical option, allowing you to address temporary mobility needs without a long-term commitment.