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About Baths for the Brave

Baths for the Brave is a partnership between select home improvement companies from across the United States who have banded together to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our Country–our Veterans. The goal is to honor and improve the lives of Veterans with a courtesy bath remodel to say Thank You for your service.

The Event – A Day of Unity

In an effort to honor our nation’s Veterans, just in time for Veteran’s Day, pre-selected Veterans will receive the ultimate bath or shower remodel. This one-of-a-kind event takes place every year in a nationwide collaboration. Atlas is proud to be a part of this initiative and we’re excited to continue improving the lives of local SE Michigan Veterans, one bathroom at a time.

The Makeover - Eligible Veterans

Every year Atlas selects a new deserving Veteran. They are selected from a list of Veterans who have been nominated by friends or family. There is no cost to enter and this Bath Remodel is completely free. Any retired or active-duty Veteran is eligible. If you know a deserving local Veteran, please consider nominating them!

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2021 winner

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Hear from our first Veteran’s daughter, Kaycey, about her experience throughout the contest:

“Atlas offered a contest to remodel a veteran’s bathroom in which I entered my disabled, Vietnam veteran and former Marine Corp League Commandant, father. Covid threw things off and the company very well could have scraped the project but in 2021 I found out my father won. I never really thought these things were real.

Vietnam was the turning point on how America viewed war and its veterans. Media, with it being the first broadcast war, opened a can of worms that had never been unleashed. Men who were formally met with glory came back to opposition and disrespect. Today we honor and glorify our service men and women but for Vietnam veterans and others after it wasn’t always that way. That is why the contest was so important to me.

I truly wanted my dad to get the appreciation for his sacrifice that he didn’t in his time and now, all these years later, is still suffering the aftermath of. Agent Orange plagued him as it did many others who fought. Today he is an amputee from its side effects. He has dialysis 3x a week. As the song says, “Oh I’ve been home 40 years or so but I’m still stepping off of the plane.” Darian and those at Atlas helped give my father those flowers. They had a little procession with media, flowers and balloons coming down the street to surprise my dad. He loved it!

I don’t know the value of the remodel but for FREE, they gave my father a jet powered tub, toilet with accessibility bars, a new sink, vanity, lighting and floor; THE WHOLE SHEBANG. In a time of profit and self these people took the time out to give back and we’re forever grateful. Darian and his veteran father came out and met with my dad. Travis, Dave Ford, Kevin Martin, Andrew Robinson, Henry Brewer and just everyone was so GREAT. Very personable, professional, polite and present. I absolute love their work and more than anything, their spirits.

These are GOOD PEOPLE. GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE AND AN AMERICAN BUSINESS! God bless them and their business for generations to come.”